If your company needs additional vehicles; 

Investment Saving
Car Rental helps you to save initial investment cost of purchasing and financial expenses. 

Time Saving in Purchasing
Klas takes care of the registers, insurance and tax arrangements which helps you save time. 

Service-Maintenance and Insurance Information
According to the monthly payments you do, these are the services to be supplied.
According to the brand and type of the vehicle
Monthly technical control of your vehicles
In case of accident, at the latest in 24 hours, supplying an equivalent or a vehicle in good condition among all the vehicles available at Klas. 

To Write Off the Investment
The price of the purchased vehicle can be written off in 5 years. When rented, you can show our monthly invoices as your expenses. 

If you purchase a car the VAT of the vehicle becomes the fixed asset and is included in the vehicle cost and can not be set off from the VAT to be paid. When you rent, you can set off the VAT amount each month.